Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee me job while I study abroad?

We’ll help in every step of the process but we cannot guarantee you a job or an accommodation. We can arrange interviews with employers and prepare you in order to be successful finding a job. Help with your CV, etc.

Will I get a title when I finish the study language programs you provide?

We’ll adapt to your needs. We work with academies that provide First Certificate, Cambridge Advance, Proficiency, etc.

What's your mission?

Our goal is to provide you an immersive language learning environment, adapting to your needs and helping throughout the process. That includes your language school/academy, your job in case you need one, your accommodation, bureaucracy, advise in every issue you might have. In summary, to make the whole experience easy and reliable for you.

Is this for free?

We try to make a living out of this. So it’s not free, although we think we’re quite inexpensive for what you get.

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