Work Experience & Au Pairs


Work experience programme:

  • A challenging way to improve your English and learn new skills.
  • Combine an English language course whilst working for a company in London.
  • Suitable for students and graduates aged between 18-35.
  • The objectives of the programmes are educational and work is unpaid.

Internships are organised so that students can:

  • Improve fluency by using English at work.
  • Develop specialised vocabulary.
  • Improve intercultural understanding.

Internships are available in areas such as sales and marketing, administration, tourism, charities, fashion, and foreign trade. Placements may also be available in education, finance, engineering, and law. We ask you to specify 2 different areas in your application – flexibility is needed to find a worthwhile placement. The exact work you will do depends on your level of education and qualifications, your experience and skills, and your level of English. Internships are generally in small and medium sized companies in London. Job specifications and workloads vary, but you can expect to have your own responsibilities. All Internships will have some routine activity such as data input and photocopying. There is no salary because the objective of the programme is educational and offer you a chance to gain professional experience. Some employers pay for daily travel and/or lunch expenses, but this is not guaranteed.

Minimum age: The minimum age for an Internship is 18. Level of English: Students must be Upper-Intermediate (equivalent to IELTS 5 or CEFR level B2) or above to be eligible for an Internship. Most companies will want to interview you before offering you an Internship and you will need good English to get the most out of your experience.

Accommodation: Students can stay in our student accommodation during their course and internship – choose from homestay, studio apartments, student residence and flatshare. Please ask for details.

English Course and Internship for EU and European Area nationals

  • Length of programme: minimum 2 weeks fulltime course, 6-12 weeks internship (can be longer if requested).
  • English Course: choose any from ours English Schools. We particularly recommend General and Business English Course or Intensive and Business English course.

Organisation of the Internship Programme You must start the application process early enough to ensure that we receive all documents 6 weeks before the internship begins Complete and send the application form with deposit and include:

  • CV in English (send by email in Word format to
  • A letter of motivation explaining why you would like to work in your chosen area of business, what you wish to achieve and the skills you bring (Address the letter to “Dear Sir/Madam”).

We send confirmation of your acceptance on the work experience course and a letter of invitation if required. The work experience organiser contacts suitable companies. You receive information about the company and there is usually an interview and the placement is finalized. At the end you complete a report of your experience and a reference letter is awarded.

PDF FileDownload Application Form for Internship Programme.


Au pair

au_pair The au-pair programme is a cultural exchange programme. It allows you to visit the UK, Ireland or Spain and improve your English/ Spanish as well as learn about British, Irish or Spanish culture traditions and customs

A host family are a family who:

  • Are looking for help with their day to day activities of life at home including childcare and light housework which may include ironing, taking children to school, helping children with homework, basic cooking for the children and playing with the children.
  • Are a family who are able to welcome you into their home as part of their family.
  • Will in return provide you with your own room, food, pocket money, share their home, amenities, every day life and ensure that you are well looked after.

Au-Pair Requirements:

  • You are between the ages of 18- 30 years old.
  • You are single, not married and do not have any children or dependents.
  • You have some experience of looking after children and doing housework.
  • You can communicate in English/Spanish – basic is acceptable.
  • You have a good state of physical and mental health that allows you to work with children.
  • You are willing to integrate into the host family life and adapt to British/Irish/Spanish customs.
  • You are interested in getting to know the culture.
  • Can stay abroad from 6 months to up to 2 years.

The Au-pair will assist the family in between 25 – 35 hours per week EU only – carry out the same duties and have the same free time as our au-pairs, but work for up to 35 hours per week. They should receive a minimum of £80 to £100 /100 € per week pocket money. The Aupair will be responsible for paying for her/his transport to come abroad. The host family will meet you at your destination whether it is at an airport, bus station, train station or port. We will help you look for suitable colleges/schools and to enrol on courses to study English. All college fees are your responsibility in paying for and not the responsibility of the host family, however, in some cases it has been known that the host family will help pay towards the costs of college (normally for au pairs who stay for up 12 months). To register with my language experience agency to find you an au pair placement please use the form at the bottom of this page to complete the registration form.

To register to find you an au pair placement please complete the registration form. You will need to email us on

  • Completed registration form.
  • A book of photos: recent photo of yourself, family, you with children…
  • 2 references.
  • Medical record information.
  • Police check – CRB.
  • C.V.
  • A ”dear letter” to the family about yourself, family, where you live, hobbies, future careers, your experience of looking after children and why you want to be an au-pair .


PDF FileDownload Registration Form for Au-Pair / Nannies.

PDF FileDownload Registration Form for Host Family.


If you need any help or advice on how to obtain this then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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