School Integration UK

UK: how to apply

Simple 3 Step Process

To make an application you need:

  1. Completed Pre-Application form
  2. Completed English Test and School Report/grades from the last 2 years
  3. Payment of program deposit

When you have been accepted for the program you will be required to provide:

  1. Fully completed Application form + passport sized photographs
  2. Signed Terms and Conditions + Medical Release form
  3. Next or final payment

Who should apply?

  • Students who want to spend a term or year in the UK, experience a British school and British life and who want to perfect their English
  • Students who want to gain entry to an Irish or British university
  • Students who wish to follow the full British Secondary School programme from the age 8 – 18

What do I need to apply?

  • You must be aged between 8 and 18 years
  • You must have a reasonable level of English
  • You must have achieved average or higher than average grades in your last two school years
  • You must be in good health
  • You must be positive about participating in the programme and be prepared to make the effort to adapt when you arrive.

When should I apply?

We continue to accept applications as long as there are suitable vacancies, however certain schools may have only limited availability.

We strongly recommend that you are guided by these dates:

  • September start – Apply by 30 June
  • January start – Apply by 30 November

It is always worth checking with us for suitable vacancies – no matter what time of year.

Can I graduate from a UK school?

To graduate you will need to have completed a two-year A level / IB course and successfully taken your A Level or IB Exams. To achieve this, you need to study for two years in a UK secondary school starting your studies in Year 12. With passes in three or more A Level exams you will be able to apply to university. Younger students can also take other internationally recognised UK examinations: the two-year GCSE course for students who are 14 and the one-year AS Level course for students 16 and over.

Can I choose my location and school?

We choose the locations and schools based on availability, student background, subject speciality and preference as stated at time of booking. We have many years experience of placing overseas students, therefore we believe that we are best placed to be able to match a student application to a school rather than a student or parent. It cannot be guaranteed that a student can be placed in a chosen school; however, we will always try to

Accommodate the preferences of the applicant when making our selection.


PDF FileDownload Pre Application Form for School Integration.